Telet Litonjua - Appearances

Telet Litonjua - Appearances

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Artist: Telet Litonjua
Title: Appearances
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Unframed Size: 20 x 16 inches (Frame is provided)
Year: 2019

About the Artist:

Telet has always had an affinity for art, studying under the tutelage of several masters. She hopes to inspire viewers to find their own personal interpretations in her works, as participants in her art-making process.

Gallery Description:
MAG is an independent group of artists, each practicing different mediums with their own unique style. The artists' work represent various themes and subjects, ranging from portraits and human figures to floral and abstract art. A common thread running through the artists' work is the way they are able to use bright and bold colors in a way that is unrestrained yet decisively their own.

Gallery Details:
Address: Please contact artist as it is coming from three different locations.
Email Address:
Contact Person & Number:
Marissa Lopa - 09778416016
Telet Litonjua - 09772400635
Didi Lopa - 09209277414
Website: none
Opening Hours: Please phone anytime from 9am to 6pm Mon to Sat

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