Michael Lorenzana - Signal
Manila Collage Collective

Michael Lorenzana - Signal

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Michael Lorenzana
Title: Signal
Medium: Digital Print
Unframed Size: 8 x 8 inches
Frame: Provided
Year: 2019

About the Artist: Michael Lorenzana is a visual artist that mixes elements from personal photographs to create collages. While using muted tones and balanced compositions, his works deal with themes of isolation, introspection and escapism. Each collage is composed of seemingly-unrelated images that encourages you to form your own narrative
Gallery Description:Manila Collage Collective is an online collage movement that started in 2020. It is a community of artists dedicated to promoting the different styles of collage art in the Philippines.

Gallery Details:
Address: Rm 208 Benavidez Garden, 1198 Benavidez St., Tondo, Manila
Email Address: manilacollagecollective@gmail.com
Contact Person: Abigail Hong
Contact Number: 09952758211 (viber)
Website: instagram.com/manilacollagecollective
Opening Hours: N/A

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