Cristina Alsol  - Salamin ng Kalikasan

Cristina Alsol - Salamin ng Kalikasan

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Artist: Cristina Alsol
Title: Salamin ng Kalikasan
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed Size: 11 x 9 inches
Frame: Provided
Year: 2020

About the Artist:
Cristina Miranda Alsol. Her paintings have a subtlety in the swirling movements of her brush strokes in comparison to the broad strokes of Vincent Van Gogh. Undeniably influenced by the greatest impressionist ; Cristina has emerged as a true disciple of this form and without a doubt she has developed a distinctive subject and color scheme that perfectly matches the impeccable taste of her clientele. Her continued art technique dazzles viewers as reincarnated female Vincent Van Gogh. She dabbles on almost all art mediums...her colors and style show her sensitivity and dedication as an artist. She obtained her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas.

Gallery Description:
KASIBULAN (Kababaihan sa Sining at Bagong Sibol na Kamalayan)
Also known as Women in Art and Emerging Consciousness, KASIBULAN is an organization of Filipino women artists committed to encouraging, promoting, and enhancing the artistic growth with full human development of its members, as well as other women artists and the Filipino women. It is open to all women in the arts - visual, literary, and performing artists including art historians, educators, critics, and cultural workers who demonstrate a willingness to work for the sisterhood's goals. It was established with a collective commitment to art practice and exchange that would contribute to the transformation of women, as Filipinas and as artists.  

Gallery Details:
1486 Prudencio St. Sampaloc Manila
Email Address:
Contact Person: Raeche Dacanay
Contact Number: +63915-1964172  
Opening Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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